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The Touareg Adventure Club faces the races with a single objective, to enjoy them while minimizing the risks that make many fans fail to finish them due to lack of preparation or unforeseen events. For this, we offer many years of experience competing with our own pilots or offering assistance to third parties with a high percentage.haha of success

The XTREM spirit is none other than camaraderie, the desire to have a good time, enjoy the trip, reunion, coexistence, personal improvement, adventure...

We are a big family, and that shows in every event and every race, so no setbacks keep you from the goal.​ "CARPE DIEM"

Meet the Pedregà Team assistance team, a group of experienced, close and cordial professionals who will help you achieve your goals and develop your full potential as a driver in the race.

We seek excellence and, thanks to the experience of our team of mechanics, we can offer you high-quality accompaniment in the race, both on a human and technical support level.

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